Site-specific projects in depth

A Plan to Build

Production Manager, Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company at Bicester Garrison,April-July 2001

A visit to an eccentric firm of architects doesn’t quite go to plan. They are there to discuss what to do with Oxter Field, a disused piece of land in town. The children are led into a lecture theatre, but during the presentation the ‘Voices of the Land’ take over the computer, the screen disappears, and they are led into another world…

P2BArch P2Benter P2Bspace crop

They emerge into a gallery of bizarre buildings, chronicling the history of housing. There is a homeless girl desperatedly looking for somewhere to live. And suddenly, the exhibits come to life! A bricklayer calls to the children to help him with his work. They climb a ramp to a scaffolding structure, within which a variety of worlds are glimpsed: the production line, the mechanic, the boardroom, the secretary and, of course, the builder.They travel on through a corridor of texture, sound and light, and emerge into a pure white world, an empty field where people relax and play, with a rather unusual plant at its centre.

P2Bhome P2Bramp
P2Bleisure P2Bcar

This world of leisure is shattered by the din of a traffic jam, where irate motorists pick on someone they think works for the council, but in fact just want to sing the praises of Happy Harry’s Multi-Storey Car Park. To answer their concerns, the motorists and children are invited back into the lecture theatre to discuss the fate of the field…

photographs courtesy of Nadine White

Creative Team:
Directed by Jeremy James and Ben Eccles
Designed by Nancy Surman
Lighting by Richard G Jones
Music composed by Nick Bicat


Technical / Stage Manager, Creation Theatre at BMWGroup Plant Oxford, January – March 2001

Mvc-389sClaudius and Gertrude’s bright and sumptuous wedding opens the production.

The audience is then led into the much darker, ominous surroundings of the panel store at the BMW plant.

There the foreboding Elsinore, a fast-paced industrial world, has been created from structures around the plant…

Mvc-420s Mvc-427s
Rev410 Mvc-430s
gary Rev414

Creative Team:
Directed by Zoe Seaton
Set Designed by Andy Seaton
Lighting by Ashley Bale
Costume Designed by Alison Taylor

photographs courtesy of Andy Seaton