Administrative experience

  • Budgeting: As stage, technical & production manager, and as technical supervisor, responsible for working within given budgets, costing options and providing alternatives, allocating resources as required, and predicting expenditure. As technical supervisor, responsible for providing technical quotes to clients as part of AKT’s overall bids. Significant additional budgetary experience as a Senior manager and Chief executive.
  • Record-keeping: All expenditure through petty cash was recorded through petty cash vouchers and returns. Whilst Production Manager and Technical Supervisor records for overall expenditure through petty cash and orders kept through Excel spreadsheets, including commitments and variance. As a freelancer with no accountant, self-assessment returns completed, invoices and receipts filed and catalogued.
Project & Resource Management
  • As production manager overall responsibilty for technical realisation of projects, ensuring completion on time and on budget. This included supervision of technical staff and contractors, sourcing of all technical requirements, health and safety (including risk assessments), and liaison with cast, creative teams, venues, & contractors.
  • As Head of Department gained extensive experience of management of both in-house teams and organising freelance workers, and managing relationships within the team, with other departments, and with visiting staff.
  • As Technical Supervisor & Company Stage Manager Supervised tours and corporate projects both while on the road and from base. Liaison with members of the public, venues and other professionals, and troubleshooting both before the events and on site. Preparation of pre-show paperwork for venues, and keeping of production accounts.
  • As Head of Department responsible for running prop & furniture hire/loan. As technical supervisor responsible for allocation and staffing of studio and rehearsal room.
Information Technology
  • Minor in Computer Graphics as part of BA (Hons) Communication and Media Production degree (First class honours).
  • Experience with various word processing, graphics and internet software on both Mac & Windows
  • Word Processing includes Word, Clarisworks, WordPerfect & Works.
  • Spreadsheet includes Excel, Clarisworks, QuattroPro, Word, Works
  • Graphics includes MacPaint, MacDraw, Clarisworks, MGI Photosuite, Photohouse,& 2D and 3D graphics software. Also presentations in Powerpoint.
  • Various database packages including Subscriber CRM system for membership, Filemaker Pro, databases created in Excel, and mail-merging
  • Internet includes Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator & Communicator, Lotus, website design & authoring through Netscape Composer and HTML programming. Several website commissions, including developing various initial options for site structure, and a range of design and layout proposals, culminating in building and launching the sites.

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